Major Events in New Zealand

New Zealand hosts a number of world-class events that are definitely worth checking out.  Whatever your passion be sure to add an event to your holiday.
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Event SectorDescription
Sports EventsAll year round. New Zealander's love sport! Almost every Kiwi plays a game of some sort! As a result NZ holds a range of International events every year. View events
Cycling EventsAs soon as it's getting warmer NZ is cycle mad! Even more popular these days since NZ has geared up with Cycle Ways. View events
Food and Wine EventsAll year round. Tasty, fresh, delicious. NZ spreads their culinary flare with a programme of vibrant festivals every year. View events
Art, culture and music eventsAll year round. It doesn't stop at sport! Immerse yourself among NZ's culture and creative thinking. You wont be disappointed. View events
Rugby League World Cup 201727 October - 2 December 2017. The Rudgy League World Cup 2017 will be co-hosted by New Zealand and Australia. 14 teams will play 28 games in the quest for the ultimate prize in rugby league - The Paul Barriere Trophy. More information