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Chosen your Camper?  To book, just follow these steps:

Get a quote:  Choose your camper, provide us your holiday dates and you will get a quote from us within 24 hours.

Book a camper:  Are you happy with our quote? Click on the link in the yellow box on the quote or go on “Booking” and provide your contact details and the reference number. While registering, a booking fee of NZD 9 will apply. After having received your booking request, we will bindingly book the camper for you and send a booking confirmation. We will charge your credit card with the amount of the deposit which is usually between 12.5% and 20% of the cost for the whole journey. The booking confirmation will also detail on which date your final payment will be due.

Payment:  The final payment is due 40 days prior arrival. You can pay via Bank Transfer, Transferwise or we will deduct the amount of your registered credit card.

*Road User Charge Recovery will be charged at $6.80 per 100km at the completion of your journey with our Budgy Familia 6.

Check-In:  We want to make sure that everything is well prepared for your arrival. Therefore, please check-in in advance and provide us with your flight details, driver licence and if you need any extra equipment like child seats. Please complete our check-in form.

You have any question about the booking process? Have a look at our FAQs or Contact Us.