About Us

Learn more about Budgy Campers and what we do!
Our Company

Budgy Campers Ltd was found in 2016 and sits under the Company name: Tourism and Travel Holdings Limited. TAT has three motorhome brands: Budgy Campers, Euro Campers and Heron Campers. Specifically, each brand talks to different types of travellers.

Since 2012, Budgy vehicles were operating under the company Euro Campers.  The company restructured in 2016 and the Budgy brand was established.

Our Fleet

Is budget and is made up of three vehicle types – The Budgy Sleeper, Budgy Traveller and the Budgy Familia 6.  These older vehicles have a few miles on the clock, but you can be guaranteed that our fully qualified maintenance team ensure they absolutely travel ready!

Although many Campervan companies in New Zealand are aimed at the hi-end or middle-class customer. Budgy aims to provide a more affordable self-drive holiday for people who want to travel New Zealand on a shoe-string budget.  What we do is provide a safe and reliable vehicle at a low cost. You can spend money on seeing and doing more of the exciting activities and attractions on offer.

What makes our Campers particularly inviting is they all carry the official self-containment certification sticker. This gives you the flexibility to stay for free at designated freedom camping locations.  These locations are often set amongst New Zealand’s untouched landscapes giving you that extra special slice of New Zealand that other motorhome travellers won’t get to experience. What’s more, by freedom camping you don’t have to pay for Campground fees!

One Price Package

Budgy Campers includes all essential travel accessories, which you need for an unforgettable road trip. This makes it simple for you to book with us. We ensure you have everything you need to travel.

Our People

Budgy Campers is owned and operated by Volkmar and Heike Wollenweber who immigrated from Germany to New Zealand in 2002.  With a love for the country and a passion for sharing stories of New Zealand’s landscapes and hidden hot spots, they saw an opportunity to turn their dream of running a campervan company into reality. They have a team of 30 enthusiastic people. They come from all over the world and they are speaking 5 languages. All are experienced travellers and skilled in their area of the business.  This group is passionate about delivering quality products and services and will most definitely go the extra mile in making sure you have the best Budgy Campers self-drive holiday.