Media Kit

Stay safe and in-touch with your friends and family

We provide you with a great media kit to ensure you stay safe and able stay intouch with your family and friends while on holiday in New Zealand, including the ultimate Tourism Radio.

*Travel from 01 May 19 – Rental will not include WiFi, Cell Phone and NZ SIM Card. There will be a $25 charge for the GPS.


AUX cableAUX Cable

Gives you the opportunity to connect your phone or MP3 player to the stereo system of the car. This way you can enjoy your own music via the cars speakers.

Portable GPS unit loaded with New Zealand Maps. All you need to do is enter your destination and let the GPS take you there.
wifiInternet Modem

Is a portable WiFi source. All you need to do is purchase a data package and enjoy internet in areas with cell phone coverage. Our modems are equipped with a Vodafone NZ SIM card.
The best thing about a modem is you can have upto five people online at the same time.
12V ChargerInverter or 12 VL Charger

The Inverter converts lower voltage into higher voltage. This basically means that you’ll be able to charge your laptop which usually uses 240 volts for charging through the cigarette lighter which only supplies 12V Charger.
Through the inverter you don’t have any loss in output power, your laptop will be charged just as quickly as if you’d charged it at home. If an inverter isn’t available, you will be provided with a 12V charger.
Mobile-mini-203x300Phone and NZ SIM Card (device only)

Stay in touch with friends and family or on standby incase you have an emergency.
travel adapterTravel Adapter

Enables you to charge your electronic devices from Europe in a New Zealand power outlet. The adapter connects the European plug with the power outlet.
tourism radioTourism Radio

Let’s you experience all the hidden gems New Zealand has to offer by telling you about the places you’re seeing out the window plus what’s coming up next.
Your current location will be determined via GPS and you will have your personal Kiwi tour-guide supplying you with interesting facts and awesome insider tips about the region you’re travelling.

Also check out the additional extras that are included in your one price package.