Internet Locations

New Zealand makes it easy for you to stay connected!

Budgy provides you with a wifi internet package as part of your campervan hire making it easy to get connected anywhere you can get mobile phone signal.  Additionally, there are two options for accessing the wifi while travelling throughout New Zealand.  Either you ‘Pay as You Go’ or you suss out a place that offers a ‘Free Hotspot’.

Pay as You Go

When you arrive at a new destination, visit one of the following services:

Wifi Hot Spots
  • i-SITE Visitor Centre
  • Internet Cafe
  • Holiday Park (Family Parks, Kiwi Holiday Parks, Top 10)
  • Public Library

Head to the Centre of a major NZ city to access a free wifi hot spot.  Cities include:

  • Wellington
  • Auckland
  • Rotorua
  • Dunedin

Other cities are working towards coming on board, so be sure to check for free connections on your mobile device.