Travelling New Zealand by Camper in Winter

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New Zealand is a great place to visit at any time of the year, however many people think of New Zealand as just a summer destination.  There are some ‘over looked’ benefits about travelling by camper in winter that you definitely need to consider when planning your trip.

“But it’s cold” we often hear! This is true – New Zealand does drop in temperature over the winter months – inland alpine areas of the South Island can be as cold as -10°C (14°F) in winter.  It gets colder the further south you travel.  But don’t let that stop you getting out and about.  Just wrap up warm with a good jacket, hat and gloves.

The real benefits of travelling New Zealand by Campervan in Winter include:

  • New Zealand looks beautiful with snow capped mountain tops
  • Its less expensive
  • Not so busy
  • You don’t need to book campgrounds in advance
  • There are less Campervans driving on the roads

New Zealand becomes a Winter Wonderland

In winter our mountains are dressed with snow, offering the most spectacular unspoiled panoramic views.  You will be so impressed you will forget about the crisp cold.

And – if you are into skiing or snowboarding, New Zealand boosts over 25 ski fields. From internationally renowned fields like Mt Hutt to local club fields like Mt Cheeseman.  Read information about our ski fields here.

Winter Campervan Holidays are Less Crowed

There is something to be said about ‘feeling like you are the only one on earth’.  Well, in winter that’s exactly how you can feel when you visit some of New Zealand’s ‘off the beaten’ track locations or even normally busy ‘tourist routes’.  At this time of year there aren’t hordes of tourists so you don’t need to compete for your slice of paradise when visiting our top activities and attractions.

Winter Motorhome Hire is Cheaper

New Zealand is on sale over winter.  Flights to get here are cheaper, activities and attractions are cheaper and naturally we offer you cheaper rental prices as well!  Overall you will find your dollar will go a whole lot further at this time of year.

Choose a Perfect Budgy Camper

The biggest thing you need to consider when travelling in winter is the Campervan itself! Our team will guide you through what will be most suitable for this time of year to ensure safety on the roads and that you stay warm.

  • Choose a Camper with front wheel drive for extra safety on the road
  • Choose a Camper with a good heating.
  • Ask us for snow chains if you are planning on heading up the skifields
  • Ask us for extra bedding to ensure you stay warm at night

The Budgy Familia 6 comes with a central diesel heating system, while the Budgy Traveller comes with 240V electric fan heaters.  The Sleeper comes with drivers cabin heating only.